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  The most important part in one site is the promotion to the internet users so it can be visited and there will be some results from the investment. Unfortunately, low or not at all site promotion of the site, and many times not site registering in search engines, is usual phenomenon: There are three ways for promoting one site:
1. Basic promotion (Site registering in Greek and not only famous search engines) (Packs 1,2). That means that your web pages will be registered in search engines without any insertion in the page.
2. Development of the main site pages and site promotion (Pack 3) This means that we affect into the code and the page structure in a way so they can have the biggest affectivity in search engines. This is critical as far as we want the success of the promotion through search engines and other advertising tricks.
3. Use of combination of some advertising tricks (Pack 4). That means alternative promotion ways in Internet For example. BANNERS - Redirecting emails.
4. Full promotion: Combination of all the promotion methods, Site editing, search engines promotion and combination of promoting actions in internet.

Basic promotion (Registering in  famous search engines)
Consists manual web page registering in 10 most important directories - search engines and auto registering in more than 100 search engines directories and FFA pages. the final improvement report will be delivered after 6 months from the beginning of the promotion. In any way the results will come up in the first week.
Note: the minimum result time is determined by the search engines and varies from some days (altavista) to some months (yahoo):
10 most important directories and search engines 

Price: 203 Euro












Basic promotion with position report
Basic promotion as in Pack 1 (registering update in Search Engines) but also monthly page position report in 10 most important directories and search engines. Price: 203 euro and 30 euro per month
Page development and promotion
Page code development for promotion in the search engines main pages:
Keywords choice.
Meta-tags creation.
Text density development for specific keywords,
Page title development for specific keywords.
Graphics speed check.
Drive pages construction if needed,
Monthly report of page position results and monthly page visiting report.
Pack 3 Price: 880 euro for 6 months and 46.90 euro per month

Use of advertising combination
As in Pack 2 Basic Promotion (registering in Search Engines) with some advertising choises:
Banner ads:  Advertising with banner setup in various Internet main pages Service cost: 44 euro per banner (constructions)+ 0.029 euro per view depending the site that the banner will be added in.
FFA pages: Consists site registering in Free for All (FFA) pages .Service cost: 146.90 euro per 100 FFA pages.
Opt-in emails: this is e-mail lists of people that have shown interest for products and services similar to yours and so possible customers. Emails must be checked by you. Service cost: 60 - 299 euro per list (depending the list).
Newsgroup sign in: Consists the sign in and the post of your advertising stuff to the relative to your company newsgroup. You must check your emails that will come up through newsgroup as well as they will concern your products and services. Some of then can be replied through Autoresponder setup which will be responsible to reply with ready made answers to the most common questions through email. Service cost 88 euro per sign in and stuff post in relative newsgroup.
Setup and load of Autoresponder: Consists software setup and settings and email loading in it. Price does not consists software purchase in case you don't want the freeware version. Service cost 88 euro
Targeted group lists: Consists email lists that will be collected from specialized research that will be exclusively for your company for the number that you will choose. Service cost :0.23 euro per successful email post for targeted group
Strategic linking - Web rings: Page connection with similar interest pages and Link exchange. Service cost: 88 euro/link.
Advertising creative construction. Consists the creation of the text that will be sent for the company promotion. Service cost : 528 euro per creative.

Price: Pack 4 (use of advertising trick combination) 1174 euro for 6 months. and then 117 euro per month. And  consists 1 Banner, 100 FFA, 50 opt-in emails, 3 Newsgroup, 1 Autoresponder with 7 different messages, 6 addresses from targeted group, 10 link- 1web ring of 10 positions, 1 email text and 1 banner text.  
Full Promotion   Suggested!
Full Combination of the page code development and the advertising tricks combination.
In this case we offer all the advantages in one pack with reduced price.  This is one full advertising campaign in INTERNET. An all these in the wonderful price of 1700 euro for 6 months! and 117 euro per month after the first semester.
Note: in the prices above must also be added the procurement for advertising hosting. For banners is 0.029 euro per view.

E-Book : Promotion through Internet, Techniques and Tricks, everything that you would like to know for Internet advertising.
Book order: Request the email that consists the password for the book downloading.
We suggest you to contact with us so we can solve any of your questions and also because every advertising campaign is a different case. Come here to use the new characteristic of new economy, the suppleness to create new tools specially for your advertising campaign.


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